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Service Standards

Transportation and Works is committed to providing service to its clients according to defined service standards. Our Service Standard commitments vary to reflect the unique requirements of departmental programs and services.

Highway Construction Projects Update

The Department of Transportation and Works will provide information on highway construction projects daily throughout the construction season (April – November) and as required outside of this time period.

Highway Access Permit

In accordance to the Highway Access Policy, the Department of Transportation and Works will issue a response to a request for a highway access permit within 21 days of receiving a conclusive application from the referring source.

Reports After Tender Call

Reports After Tender Call (RATCs) provide an overview of all bids received in response to the Notice of Tender. Within one hour immediately following the public opening of tender submissions the Reports After Tender Call (RATC’s) will be posted, and final tender results are subject to change following a full review.

Marine Services Status Update Board

The Marine Service Status Update Board is updated for each vessel prior to the first run of the day and periodically throughout the day if required.

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