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About the Department

The mandate of the Department of Transportation and Works is derived from the Executive Council Act and includes responsibility for the administration, supervision, control, regulation, management and direction of all matters relating to transportation and public works, including:

·         Design, construction, improvement, repair and maintenance of highways, local roads, airstrips, ferry terminals and related facilities;

·         Acquisition, use, maintenance and operation of ferries under ownership, charter or administration;

·         Acquisition, use, maintenance and operation of provincial air ambulance, waterbomber and other aircraft and services under ownership, charter or administration;

·         Property that belongs to or is held or occupied by the Crown, and the works and properties acquired, constructed, extended, enlarged, repaired or improved at the expense of the province, or for the acquisition, construction, extension, enlargement, repair or improvement of which public funds are voted and appropriated by the Legislature, other than property and works assigned to another Minister or department of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador;

·         Property management including the design, construction, repair, maintenance, heating, lighting, cleaning and security of buildings that belong to or are held or occupied by the Crown and grounds that belong to those buildings;

·         The leasing of real property by the Crown and related activities;

·         The disposition of surplus real property; and,

·         The administration of Acts under the responsibility of the department and of all orders and regulations passed or made under those Acts, including those powers, functions or duties necessary or desirable for carrying out the purpose of those Acts.


The Department is divided into four branches:

·         Operations

·         Air and Marine Services

·         Infrastructure

·         Strategic and Support Services


The Department of Transportation and Works has the largest number of employees within any provincial government department - with 1,760 staff located throughout the province. The department operates seven regional offices with 67 depots/units throughout the province.


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