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Bell Island - Portugal Cove

NOTICE: January 3, 2017: The MV Flanders along with the MV Beaumont are operating on the Two Vessel Winter. (See Links below).

Updates and additional service notes can be found on the Marine Services dashboard at http://www.tw.gov.nl.ca/ferryservices/index.stm.

 Dial 895-6931 for recording on current operations

Notice January 26th, 2017  Please be advised that trenching work is required which will affect both jog approached and this work will take approximately 30 days. The work will be done in two phases. Flanders jog (2 weeks) then Beaumont Jog (also 2 weeks).

There will no particular impact to the service provided for cars, trucks, cube van sized vehicles, or walk-on passengers, regardless of which jog the vessels use, but will impact tractor trailers and other long vehicles, and trucks towing a trailer.

These tractor trailers etc. will have to ensure they board the ferry going to the jog where the trenching work is not taking place. Businesses expecting pre-arranged deliveries, should advise when these vehicles are expected, to further ensure a smooth service.

There may be some impacts or possible delays experienced, such as if a vessel is unable to move as expected and it is docked at the jog where tractor trailers can get off. Hopefully the above will minimize any impact to this group of vehicles. There are no expected impacts on any other type of traffic.

This trenching work is expected to start on Monday 30th January.

Links for Ferry Schedules:

Vessels: MV Flanders and MV Beaumont Hamel


MV 'Flanders':  Automobiles: 36 | Passengers: 240                                                   MV 'Beaumont Hamel': Automobiles: 33 | Passengers: 106


Ferry Route:

Crossing Time: 20 minutes (5 km)

Ferry Route Bell Island 


Contact Us:

Marine Services Branch

Department of Transportation and Works
Tel: 1-888-638-5454
Recorded Information: (709) 895-6931

Office hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 AM- 4:30 PM (NST)

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