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Bell Island - Portugal Cove

NOTICE: January 3, 2017: The MV Flanders along with the MV Beaumont are operating on the Two Vessel Winter. (See Links below).

Updates and additional service notes can be found on the Marine Services dashboard at http://www.tw.gov.nl.ca/ferryservices/index.stm.

 Dial 895-6931 for recording on current operations

Notice January 20, 2017  Please be advised that the continuation of the required legislated maintenance work to permit the Flanders to continue providing service, will proceed this week-end.

This means the Flanders, on completion of it’s schedule Friday night, will then proceed to Long Pond. The vessel will be out of service for Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

The work entailed, once started, would prevent the Flanders from being able to respond to emergency call-outs, and this coupled with the anticipated weather, the vessel will be placed at Long Pond, to allow access to the vessel by the contractors despite the weather.

The Beaumont will provide service as weather allows and there will be an Enhance crew provided to cover all 3 days.

The anticipated weather will no doubt cause some delays and or service interruptions and possibly may need some adjustments as the week-end proceeds, for both vessels. Updates will be provide by the vessels as often and as early they are needed.  

The Flanders should be able to resume normal service with the Beaumont Hamel, on the two vessel service, on Tuesday morning.

Links for Ferry Schedules:

Vessels: MV Flanders and MV Beaumont Hamel


MV 'Flanders':  Automobiles: 36 | Passengers: 240                                                   MV 'Beaumont Hamel': Automobiles: 33 | Passengers: 106


Ferry Route:

Crossing Time: 20 minutes (5 km)

Ferry Route Bell Island 


Contact Us:

Marine Services Branch

Department of Transportation and Works
Tel: 1-888-638-5454
Recorded Information: (709) 895-6931

Office hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 AM- 4:30 PM (NST)

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