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Bell Island - Portugal Cove

Ferry Schedules:

NOTE (updated September 23, 2015): Currently, the MV Flanders is operating on the One Vessel (Enhanced) Schedule.


Notice for September 23rd,  starting today the Norcon Galatea will provide service for the asphalt trucks only, on a Load and Go basis for the duration of this traffic each day, and only until this contract is completed.  During the times when both vessels are approaching the dock, the Flanders will be given priority to go alongside first.

Flanders will be providing priority access to ferry for two ASPHALT trucks, per trip. Two trucks only per trip, to prevent schedule delays.  Norcon Galatea (sailing at 6:20 am from Long Pond) is to provide priority access to one ASPHALT truck, per trip.  Norcon Galatea to operate on a Load and Go basis for the asphalt trucks, and be the primary vessel for bringing the empty asphalt trucks back to Portugal Cove.

The Galatea can provide additional vehicular traffic support to the Flanders in the morning, up to 9:30 am and in the evening from 5 to 7:30 pm (at the sole discretion of the Master) however the vessel is primarily in the service for the asphalt contract and should she have a full truck aboard from Cove, or her deck space used by empty truck(s) returning (which all have priority) then the vehicular traffic would not be able to be accommodated on that departure by the Norcon Galatea.

Should both vessels be coinciding at one port or the other, the Flanders will be given priority access to the dock.


Vessels: MV 'Flanders' and MV 'Beaumont Hamel'


MV 'Flanders':  Automobiles: 36 Passengers: 240                                                   MV 'Beaumont Hamel': Automobiles: 33 Passengers: 106


Ferry Route:

Crossing Time: 20 minutes (5 km)

Ferry Route Bell Island 


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