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Bridge Inspection Reports

The Department of Transportation and Works is responsible for the construction and maintenance of provincial bridges. The current bridge inventory is approximately 1134 structures, which includes bridges and culverts larger than 3 meters wide.

Engineers with the department ensure that bridge structures receive regular maintenance inspections and comprehensive inspections are carried out on a bi-annual basis. Bridge rehabilitation and replacement projects are prioritized based on these inspections.

Levels of assessment for bridge structures are: Good, Fair, Poor and Unsafe.

Bridges that are deemed “unsafe” are closed immediately.

Bridges in Poor condition may require immediate attention; attention within one-year; or attention within three years. The “Poor” assessment simply indicates that work must be done on some specific aspect of the bridge and does not mean the bridge is unsafe. (P1- Poor, repair within 1 year P2- Poor, repair within 2 years P3- Poor, repair within 3 years.)

Bridge inspection reports listed below represent those comprehensive inspections conducted between June 2012 and July 2015.

Reports are listed in alphabetical order by region:

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(currently there are no inspection reports for western –as they were done prior to June 2012)

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